A note from Chef Frank’s Kitchen


I want to share something with you-

I believe and I am confident this new product will be hugely successful simply based on its marketability as a chef with more than 20 years experience now I find it not only marketable but also its function is awesome

Being able to menu an item that is wine smoked certainly will generate huge interest.

I would like to share with you a product that I am proudly endorsing and doing my very best to share with the 20 many years of contacts that I have met along my journey.
I am proud to represent a product like Barrel & Vines, Wine Smoking Chips.

Rarely I would get involved if I did not wholeheartedly believe, like and see greatness in a product such as B&V Wine Smoking Chips.

Also please feel free to anyone who has experienced smoking oak barrels and grapevines, to “pass the word” to your colleagues and friends regarding this awesome product.

Wishing you my very best! Chef Frank Otte