Love of Wine- It all starts with love. The year is 1985… Newly married we are enjoying a wine tasting in Northern California. As we stroll through the vineyard with a glass of wine in hand we see a large pile of newly cut grapevines. With the permission of the owners we gathered an armful to take home.



Love of Grilling- Like many young couples just starting out we enjoyed entertaining family and friends with the majority of our gatherings casual affairs around the BBQ Grill. Always experimenting, we decided to throw our grapevines on the fire and hope for the best. Mmmm…smell that smoke. Wow! Who knew?



Wine & Grilling Blend- For the next several years we continued our “grape grilling” experiments, enjoying how the grapevines infused our food with a subtle smoky flavor. But the story is not yet ended. On yet another trip to Napa Valley, tasting wine and collecting vines, we had an epiphany (probably wine inspired)….what if…we blended the grapevines with wine-soaked oak barrels. It just keeps getting better.